Ways of Dealing With a Criminal Record

When someone is facing criminal charges, they may worry about what their life will be like with a criminal record. Most people will find it’s more difficult to get a job when they have a criminal record and may experience other issues after a conviction. However, there are a few things they can do to minimize the impact a criminal record may have on their future.

Try to Have the Charges Dismissed

Before the person has a conviction, they can attempt to have the charges dismissed or at least reduced so they aren’t facing a criminal record. This depends, of course, on the charges they’re facing as well as the evidence against them. It is crucial to have a lawyer help with this effort to have a better chance of the charges being dismissed. If they can’t have the charges dismissed, there are other options to try.

Ask About Having the Judgment Withheld

It may be possible for someone to have the judgment withheld. If it is the person’s first offense, the judge may be willing to offer deferred judgment for the case. This means they will need to plead guilty and they will receive a sentence. However, as long as they complete the sentence requirements within the allotted amount of time and have no other issues, the judge can erase the conviction from their record. If they do not complete everything in time, they may end up with the conviction on their record.

Try to Expunge the Conviction

If a deferred judgment isn’t an option, it may still be possible for them to have a clean record, but it will take time. After the conviction, they will need to make sure they avoid any further legal issues. Depending on the crime they were convicted of, after a period of time without another arrest or conviction, they may be able to have their records expunged. It is a good idea to speak with a lawyer about this to make sure it can be done in their situation, as there are some charges that cannot be expunged.

If you’re worried about not having representation, make sure you have a lawyer to help with your case. If you already have a conviction and wish to see if it can be expunged, speak with a lawyer about this today. Visit http://tulsa-criminallawyers.com/expungement-seals-your-criminal-record now to learn more about expungement.